Craft at its Finest

Our abundance of ideas is based on our core competencies and talents. We meet customer needs in set construction for theaters and open-air performances, transforming museums into new theme worlds and creating presentation areas for unique exhibits with elegant showcases.

Our sculptors understand the art and craft of creating a living masterpiece out of a piece of polystyrene. From giant shoes to featherlight screws-with great passion for perfectly shaped decorations. We create optical illusions for various audiences and viewers.

Set construction

Viewed from back-stage, set designs and props are technically highly complex and labor intensive, requiring in-depth knowledge and years of experience in order to have the set disappear quietly and quickly, and then reveal the new scenery in a timely manner. Whether indoors or outdoors: we make your dreams a reality.

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Museum & Display Cases

We produce creative museum and exhibition furniture made of wood, steel, metal and/or glass. From simple bases or wall cabinets to exquisite showcases. Everything looks more captivating in the right environment.

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Decorations & Sculpture

Nothing can hide from our creative minds and talented hands. With artistic flair and attention to detail, sculptures are processed in our creative workshops by experts and brought to life. The use of CNC cutting makes it possible to cut individual figures in styrofoam with high precision and produce complex forms with accuracy.

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